About The Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Offering

Strategic Energy Management

SEM is our long-term, whole facility, and campus approach. Offered through the PEP and HEEP programs, it provides no-cost services to achieve several goals:

  • Implement best practices around energy management
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your facilities
  • Work towards larger decarbonization goals
  • And save your department time and money

SEM extends the PEP and HEEP programs and allows your organization to delve further into energy management with ongoing support from both CLEAResult and your peers. SEM works to create lasting changes that serve your organization and your facility for ongoing energy savings and carbon reduction.

How Does it Work?

SEM offers no-cost services using a holistic, whole-facility approach, taking in building features and providing real solutions. SEM focuses on no- and low-cost energy-saving opportunities, including:

  • Behavioral changes: Simple improvements like lighting adjustments, checking set points, and making sure roof doors aren’t left open.
  • Retro-commissioning: Ensure that building systems such as heating, cooling, and variable frequency drives are calibrated and running to specifications.
  • Operations and maintenance: Improve building performance with routine maintenance like cleaning filters, changing coils, roof inspections and sealing air leaks.

Receive Personalized Support

We will work with your staff to provide training and a dedicated program team that provides no-cost support and resources. As a SEM participant, our team helps you with:

  • Site Visits
    • Building assessments to find energy opportunities to reduce your annual usage
  • Professional Resources
    • SEM coaching and engineering support
    • Goal setting and practical plan implementation
    • Ongoing education based on current policies and best practices
  • Energy Data Analytics
    • Data modeling to find current energy obstacles and prevent future ones
    • Consistent and reliable reporting that tracks real progress
  • Community Support
    • Virtual and in-person workshops
    • Peer-to-peer support from those in similar situations and industries

Earn Incentives While You Save

In addition to these benefits, your organization will receive $.03/kWh saved based on your energy model performance. All activities, projects, and participation in the program help to generate savings; the more you save, the larger incentive you receive. There is also $10,000 in potential milestone incentives to help offset the cost of your time.

Contact Us to Discuss This Opportunity!

Patrick Sippel
SEM program Manager
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